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Perimeter North Internal Medicine

In this case study, Dr. James West explains how he was able to create a successful chronic care management program with many benefits including:

  • Enhanced Levels of Patient Care
  • Thousands of Dollars in New Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Reduced Administrative Burdens on Himself and Staff

Dr. James (Bert) West has been practicing internal medicine in Atlanta, GA for over 20 years with the primary focus of providing advanced, compassionate care to his patients.

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Bowie Internal Medicine

Dr. James Wang speaks about how ChronicCareIQ revitalized their chronic care management program and exceeded expectations:

  • Deliver better care and divert patients at risk of hospitalization
  • Improve average and total program reimbursement without adding staff
  • Enroll more patients and even re-enroll many that dropped out of their manual calling program
  • Refocus significant time spent on documentation to caring for patients while obtaining better compliance with robust audit logs

“Today we have greater enrollment, better documentation, more reimbursement, and can now provide better care. It’s a win” says Dr. Wang.

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Appomattox River Medical

In this case study, Dr. James Bush explains how ChronicCareIQ enabled them to automate their existing chronic care management program with impressive result:

  • Provide better care for patients and better access to their practice
  • Triple their reimbursement without adding staff
  • Enroll 50 new patients monthly and double program size without adding staff
  • Have more security with robust audit logs and strong documentation

“Without ChronicCareIQ, we would not have been able to do this easily, if at all,” says Dr. Bush.

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Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institute

In this case study, Dr. Jones identifies how their Remote Patient Monitoring program has positively impacted his patients and practice through:

  • Reduced patient hospitalizations and ED visits
  • Improved patient care plan compliance
  • Enhanced patient engagement by combining high touch with high tech
  • New practice revenue offsetting the reduction in office visits through the COVID19 pandemic

“I would tell other doctors:This is something you need to get involved with as soon as possible. It is not going away. You must engage the patient and keep them engaged.” says Gary P. Jones, MD, FACS

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Cardiology Center of Houston

Dr. Suneja explains how he was able to create what he calls an immensely successful remote patient monitoring and chronic care management program with benefits including:

  • The avoidance of more than two dozen patient hospitalizations in the first two months of deploying ChronicCareIQ
  • Enhanced and timely clinical information, allowing for better decision making
  • Increased patient satisfaction through the use of modern technology and new communications methods
  • Detailed documentation of care coordination tasks resulting in new reimbursement opportunities that were previously unattainable

Dr. Randeep Suneja is one of a very few quintuple board certified cardiologists in the United States. The Founder, Director and CEO of the Cardiology Center of Houston, he has been in private practice for over 28 years.

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