Case Study

Enhancing Patient Care & Operational Efficiency with ChronicCareIQ


Addressing Communication Challenges
and Enhancing Patient Engagement

Chesapeake & Washington Heart Care sought to improve patient engagement and reduce hospital readmissions while managing the high volume of patient calls efficiently. “Prior to ChronicCareIQ, managing patient calls and ensuring timely care was a significant challenge. Our front desk was overwhelmed, and there was a clear need for a more efficient system.”


Streamlining Communication and Improving Care

The implementation of ChronicCareIQ’s platform has been instrumental in enhancing care, patient engagement, and streamlining workflow. “From an efficiency standpoint, ChronicCareIQ has been instrumental in optimizing patient communications, which has significantly eased the workload on our front desk staff. They are some of the biggest advocates for the system.”

Provider Background

With over three decades of service, Chesapeake & Washington Heart Care is dedicated to delivering high-quality cardiac care. Operating in Waldorf and Leonardtown, Southern Maryland, the clinic is staffed by a team of highly trained, board-certified physicians specialized in cardiology. Their expertise encompasses the latest in technology and research, ensuring comprehensive care for all cardiac conditions.”
2,900%+ return on investment with ChronicCareIQ!
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Decrease in Hospital Readmissions
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  • Increased Patient Engagement: The platform facilitated better patient and family member involvement in care management, leading to 70% patient engagement. “The patients not only love it, but the patients‘ family members love it… like a second set of eyes.”
  • Reduced Hospital Readmissions: Achieved a 12% decrease in hospital readmissions, showing significant impact.
  • Improved Efficiency: The platform eased the workload on front desk staff by managing patient communications and streamlining clinical workflows. “It takes phone calls off of your front desk… brings patients in timely who have changes in their clinical status.”

Overall Practice Benefits:

  • Staff Impact: The platform has been well-received by the medical staff, significantly reducing their administrative burden and increasing individual accountability.
  • Patient Perception: Patients have shown high satisfaction with the platform, appreciating the constant monitoring and quick response to their needs. “Overall patient satisfaction is just off the charts… they feel like they are being monitored when they are not here.”
  • Financial Performance: The platform proved to be financially beneficial, enhancing the practice’s profitability. “Hugely profitable for us… you are being reimbursed for your time with that call with that patient working on their care remotely.”