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Case Study

Navigating the Future of Chronic Care:
The ChronicCareIQ Solution


Succeed with CCM to Optimize Patient Care and Boost Medicare Reimbursement

“Previous to incorporating ChronicCareIQ, running a chronic care management (CCM) program within the practice was an untenable task, marked by tedious processes.” Absent a tool designed specifically to engage patients and activities necessary for reimbursement, CCM was too much to operationalize in the practice.



Faced with the challenges of an inefficient chronic care management (CCM) program, the practice found a comprehensive, yet simple solution in ChronicCareIQ (CCIQ).

The addition of ChronicCareIQ’s user-friendly platform enabled efficient communication and patient collaboration making it easy to organize active patients, identify those needing additional attention, coordinate among staff members and track activities that generate reimbursement. This collaborative journey with CCIQ has not only transformed the practice’s approach to chronic care but has also empowered the team to engage with patients more effectively and increase reimbursement by over 25%.

Provider Background

Dr. Salma Saiger, MD, has been a cornerstone of healthcare in the Mesquite area since 2009, leading a practice committed to delivering exceptional primary care services to adults and adolescents. Known for her unwavering dedication to community health, Dr. Saiger prioritizes serving the underprivileged, ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible to all.