Physician Spotlight: Thorasic Surgeon Dr. Gary P. Jones

Louisiana Cardiovascular and Thoracic Institutes

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Physician Spotlight Background:

ChronicCareIQ recognizes physicians in different specialties who have demonstrated excellence in providing the best care to their chronic patients. These physicians have accumulated the highest score based on a composite of:

  • Patient Satisfaction

  • Patient Engagement

  • Patient Feedback

  • Patient Outcomes

Video Description:

Dr. Gary P. Jones (FACS) is a board-certified thoracic surgeon. He served as a Major in the United States Army Medical Corps. Dr. Jones was assigned to Ronald Reagan during his 1986 trip to Guam and to former South African president Nelson Mandela during his trip to Baton Rouge, LA in 2000.

In this video, Dr. Jones discusses how their Remote Patient Monitoring program powered by ChronicCareIQ has positively impacted his patients and practice.

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