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Physician Spotlight: Cardiologist Dr. Randeep Suneja

CEO – Cardiology Center of Houston

Physician Spotlight Background:

ChronicCareIQ recognizes physicians in different specialties who have demonstrated excellence in providing the best care to their chronic patients. These physicians have accumulated the highest scored based off a composite of

  • Patient Satisfaction

  • Patient Engagement

  • Patient Feedback

  • Patient Outcomes

Video Description:

Cardiologist Dr. Randeep Suneja is using ChronicCareIQ for remote patient monitoring, resulting in improved patient health, reduced hospitalizations, and increased practice revenues.

Dr. Suneja is one of a very few quintuple-board certified cardiologists in the United States. He has been in private practice in the Houston area since 1993 with the Cardiology Center of Houston. He is affiliated with Houston Methodist – West Houston.

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