Case Study

Efficiency, Revenue, and Patient Satisfaction:
The ChronicCareIQ Impact


Efficiency, Revenue, and Patient Satisfaction: The ChronicCareIQ Impact

The primary objective centered on increasing care quality for patients, reducing staff burdens, and integrating our CCM program with a leading telephony platform. For our patient care, the focus was on establishing a direct connection with patients and their healthcare team. The aim was to leverage technology  to gather a better understanding of the chronically ill patients’ health. This approach would not only address immediate health concerns but also empower patients to actively participate in their care as well as overall improvement. 

Provider Background

Dr. Carmical, a native of Southeast Arkansas, leads Woodside Medical. The clinic brings top quality healthcare in an efficient manner, with a focus on patient-provider interaction, access to health information, and responsive staff. Dr. Carmical’s commitment to advancing patient care is evident in the clinic’s diverse offerings. Woodside Medical is dedicated  to innovation and patient well-being, contributing to elevated standards of care and improved patient outcomes.


Implement an Integrated, Patient-Centric CCM Platform

With a goal of fostering a closer patient-doctor relationship and fully integrating technology with their care strategy, the team discovered ChronicCareIQ.  

ChronicCareIQ (CCIQ) fundamentally improved patient care by enabling regular check-ins and real-time data monitoring through smart devices. This approach aimed to proactively intervene in health issues, shifting from traditional sporadic care to a continuous and patient-centered care model. The platform also significantly enhanced patient engagement, fostering a higher standard of care beyond routine office visits. Simplifying workflow, integrating communications and motivating staff all contributed to successful program adoption and overall practice efficiency. 

250+ Managed CCM Patients

12%+ Increase in Medicare Reimbursement

2,000% ROI on CCIQ Investment



Reduced Hospital Admissions:

“ChronicCareIQ has been instrumental in keeping our Medicare patients out of the hospital. Early intervention and continuous monitoring allow us to address issues before they escalate, ensuring better outcomes and a healthier patient population.”

Improved Merit-based Incentive Payment System and Patient-Centered Medical Home Performance:

“ChronicCareIQ played a pivotal role in our practice consistently achieving our MIPS and PCMH goals. It facilitates proactive care, ensuring that patients meet their healthcare milestones and receive timely interventions when needed.”


Enhanced Patient Communication and Care Coordination:

“CCIQ’s patient-centered approach has significantly enhanced communication. Our dedicated nurse staff has become a reassuring point of contact for patients, guiding them through chronic care treatments and ensuring a seamless experience. This improved communication positively impacts patient satisfaction.”


Financial Benefits and Revenue Growth:

“Financially speaking, ChronicCareIQ has not only met expectations but exceeded them. The platform’s contribution to increasing Medicare reimbursement, MIPS improvement, increased PCMH reimbursement and attribution to positive word-of-mouth advertising among our elderly population have collectively made the platform a worthwhile investment.”