Telemanagement a cure for this time of uncertainty

By Matt Ethington

There is one certainty to all of this uncertainty – patients are going to need and demand more flexibility from doctors and offices. COVID-19 has already blown the doors off of traditional medicine and CMS has shown their willingness to drop or suspend byzantine red tape preventing patients from receiving more convenient care. None of the experts I work with believe that the Genie will go back into the bottle.

Literally, in less than a month practices have figured out how to care for patients through telemedicine. We’ve discovered that for many conditions – the management of chronic diseases in particular – it doesn’t require a physical visit to the office. Call it Telemanagement if you will, or chronic care management, or remote patient monitoring, but now is a perfect time to introduce it to your patients.

CMS has over 15 reimbursement codes for the management of patients outside your office. Many of them are for work your staff already performs, many of them are monthly and recurring, and none of them impact your regular E&M codes. In fact, with remote patient monitoring, you can even waive the co-pays during this public health emergency.

So while you are performing that e-visit and closing up with the patient who is seeing you through their smartphone for the first time, reassure them and let them know that Medicare is making a new service available to them during this period of heightened concern. You’ll be surprised how many want to be proactively monitored by your office.

Call us if you have any questions. With our full suite of remote care technologies, ChronicCareIQ currently enables hundreds of doctors to manage tens of thousands of chronic and fragile patients, with millions of data points.

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