CMS proposes improvements to CCM in 2017

As part of the 2017 Fee Schedule, CMS is proposing improvements to Chronic Care Management and reducing some of the burden for providers.  While ChronicCareIQ already reduces the administrative burdens of CCM so that even small practices can financially thrive while delivering a higher standard of care to patients, CMS is proposing making it even a little easier…

Specific to CCM payment reform 99490 and taken from the Advisory Board

  • Ease requirements for providing and billing for the CCM code. When CMS began paying for the non-face-to-face services under the current CCM code in 2015, it put in place a number of stringent requirements clinicians must meet in order to bill for this code resulting in only 275,000 unique Medicare beneficiaries receiving the service in 2015. CMS is proposing to ease some of these requirements such as scaling back the requirements to have 24/7 access to the care plan and the need for written patient consent documented in the EMR.

As a reminder, the 2017 Fee Schedule is only in comment phase and not released yet so for now, ensure you are still enrolling patients with a consent form and have 24/7 access…. But – great news to ensure more patients get better access to care.

Here’s to your Success with CCM!