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Incorporate ChronicCareIQ into your expansive portfolio as a comprehensive care coordination software platform.

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Efficiently oversee patients on behalf of physician partners, or assist providers in establishing their own care management initiatives.

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Empower your clients to directly access ChronicCareIQ’s array of healthcare solutions for seamless care coordination, data analysis, and value-based payment models.

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Top Benefits You Can
Expect with ChronicCareIQ

Improved Visibility

Gain complete visibility of patients’ status based on real-time data captured directly from your patients.

Staff are automatically notified when patient trends fall outside of the clinical thresholds set, helping them to focus their time on patients who need it most. In-depth, monthly trend reports can be generated with the click of a button to give you both clinical and financial visibility into the success of your preventative care management programs. 

Improved Patient Outcomes

When patients and providers are better connected, everyone wins.

A lot can happen in between patient visits to your office. That’s why ChronicCareIQ’s Connected Care platform makes it easy for your team to always stay informed about patients’ status. Empowered with real-time data, your staff can more effectively and proactively manage your patients’ chronic and complex conditions, resulting in better outcomes.

Increased Staff Productivity

Preventative care management programs don’t have to Burden your already-busy staff.

By proactively engaging with patients, inbound phone calls are dramatically reduced and less patient follow-up is required. As your staff spends time on the phone and in your EHR system  coordinating care for your chronically ill patients, the system captures those activities and automatically prepares the supporting documentation for care management reimbursement. All of this automation allows you to support more patients with the same amount of staff.  

Better Reimbursements

Get reimbursed for the work you are already doing.

CMS continues to increase the reimbursement rates for preventative care management services. ChronicCareIQ solutions automatically capture the care management work already being done and prepare all of the necessary billing documentation each month so you can focus on your patients, not the paperwork. Plus, the system sustains patient engagement, discovers patient data that leads to better outcomes, and lowers overall costs.

Match Solutions to Patient and Physician Needs.

ChronicCareIQ supports multiple preventive health programs.

Chronic Care
Management (CCM)

Your practice can offer CCM services profitably without adding staff or involving a third-party call center. You continue to own the relationship with your patients while relieving the burden CCM can place on your existing staff.

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Remote Patient
Monitoring (RPM)

Your practice can offer CCM services profitably without adding staff or involving a third-party call center. You continue to own the relationship with your patients while relieving the burden CCM can place on your existing staff.

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Transitional Care
Management (TCM)

By automatically receiving real-time discharge notifications and patient status updates, your practice can reach out to patients to ensure a smooth transition between care settings and eliminate gaps in care.

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Principle Care
Management (PCM)

As a specialist, your patients with a high risk condition will have peace of mind knowing your team is keeping an eye on their updates through disease-specific monitoring protocols and thresholds.

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Behavioral Health/ Care Coordination (BH/CoCM)

Behavioral health and mental wellness care have their own category of care and complex care management reimbursements.  The BHI / CoCM CPT codes are condition specific and seen widely in mental wellness and addiction as well as FQHC and RHC programs. 

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Care management solutions that leverage your existing systems and technologies

ChronicCareIQ is the only comprehensive care management platform that takes advantage of your existing systems so there’s no complicated technology for your staff to learn, no need to hire an outsourcing partner to place patient calls, and no need to perform lengthy IT projects to get up and running fast.

ChronicCareIQ’s Connected Care platform integrates seamlessly with virtually any EHR system and phone system. Plus, we offer pre-built integrations with several leading systems that make implementation and adoption super-simple. 


Use our Reimbursement Analysis Tool and unlock your potential for increased revenue.

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