Hawaii Medical Leader Dr. Scott Miscovich Uses Technology to Achieve Success with CCM

Dr. Scott Miscovich, one of Hawaii’s foremost physicians and an expert in chronic care, has adopted advanced technology from ChronicCareIQ to monitor fragile and chronic patients through their smartphones and simultaneously achieve success with CCM.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a program created by Medicare that addresses the significant health risks facing patients with two or more chronic diseases and the amount of time it takes to best manage these patients.

“The thing that excites me about ChronicCareIQ is how actionable the data is,” Dr. Miscovich said. “Usually the data doctors see is weeks, months or even a year old. With ChronicCareIQ, we can have an ongoing, almost fluid dialogue when patients need us the most. Prior to adopting ChronicCareIQ, we were using the EHR and a spreadsheet to accomplish CCM. I looked for over a year for the right solution.”

Dr. Miscovich serves on the Governor’s Committee for Healthcare Innovation and is involved in all levels of the healthcare industry in Hawaii. “I’ve brought ChronicCareIQ to the attention of the legislature and the healthcare committee,” Dr. Miscovich said. “It has the potential to make a big difference for population health. Five percent of our state’s population consumes over 60 percent of healthcare GDP. That’s a tremendous utilization of resources that could be spread out over a broader population.”

“I’m a chronic patient myself,” stated Matt Ethington, co-founder and CEO of ChronicCareIQ. “While there are many good treatments out there for chronic disease, our needs can change much more frequently than we can be in the doctor’s office, and if gone unchecked, that causes real problems.”

Dr. Miscovich added, “This is exactly what ChronicCareIQ addresses. Missing a problem for two-to-four days can be the difference between controlling the disease and a two-week hospitalization or a worsening condition that will never improve.”

While simultaneously enabling better care for at-risk patients and populations, ChronicCareIQ centralizes, automates and documents the activities required for CCM compliance and reimbursement. “Not only do we change the game from being reactive to proactive, we reduce the administrative and compliance burdens which are also significant,” Ethington adds.

About Scott Miscovich, MD
Dr. Miscovich is a Family Physician and owner of Windward Urgent Care in Kaneohe, developing integrated group practice models utilizing Physician Assistants and Advanced Nurse Practitioners to address the medical workforce needs in Hawaii. For the past 20 years he has served as a healthcare consultant focusing on bringing new patient-focused delivery models to Hawaii. He frequently appears in Hawaii print and television as a healthcare policy expert and patient advocate. In 2015, Dr. Miscovich accepted the role of National Director of Primary Care for MyLife Recovery Centers, a leader in addiction treatment throughout the U.S. He is President of the Work Injury Medical Association and currently serves as Chairman of the State of Hawaii Narcotics Working Group. Dr. Miscovich is a member of the Legislation Policy Committee of the Hawaii Medical Association and serves as Co-Chairman of the Medical Cannabis Education and Policy Committee. He is the former National Medical Director of Spectrum Healthcare Resources, the largest provider of Government Healthcare Physician Services in the U.S.

About ChronicCareIQ
ChronicCareIQ helps physicians achieve success with chronic care management (CCM), leading to better patient care while delivering net new revenue for the practice. The ChronicCareIQ solution allows physicians to streamline the workflow around CCM, retain and manage their patients, and receive reimbursement for care coordination and monitoring. Clinical studies show that monitored patients attain better health with fewer hospital admissions. Learn more – www.chroniccareiq.com.