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What are the 5 Brand New Remote Care Reimbursements for 2022?

In 2022, there will be an entirely new category (RTM) and 5  more remote care reimbursements.  (FIVE !!)

For 2022, CMS has announced that it will be introducing RTM or Remote Therapeutic Monitoring.   It includes 4 more monthly recurring reimbursements for the provision of non-face-to-face care and activities plus a set up fee.  Similar to RPM, there are device code reimbursements and 2 x 20 minute segments of time-code reimbursements.  Unlike RPM, it doesn’t require physiologic measurements.  Subjective and patient self-reported responses are anticipated.

Details are still thin but they’ll be worked out prior to the final rule of 2022.  You can learn more from the write ups of these legal teams.


One Thing is For Certain – Remote Care is Here to Stay.  Let us get you informed – Schedule a Conversation with One of Us!