Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1 – Sign up patients

Chronic care management with remote patient monitoring on phone or tablet

Patients download the app and answer a few questions periodically when prompted by their phone

  • Takes less than 30 seconds to respond
  • Nothing for the patient to buy
  • Nothing to install in the home
  • As simple as an alarm clock to use
  • Goes where the patient goes
  • No portals or passwords to remember
  • Large, legible type

Step 2 – Monitor patients

ChronicCareIQ's chronic care software dashboard

Early intervention reduces hospitalizations and improves outcomes

  • Color-coded dashboard highlights patients requiring attention
  • Medical assistants can conduct monitoring and notify a nurse or physician of negative trends or changes
  • One click to view more detailed patient information, including trending data
  • Send updates to providers, family members and patient advocates to improve care coordination

Step 3 – Streamline compliance and reimbursement

Explanation of chronic care management benefits

Automatically captures time, prepares billing report and logs compliance

  • Medicare reimburses $42 per patient per month
  • Eliminates manual tracking, captures time down to the second
  • Records interaction as you mouse over each patient
  • Provides monthly billing report for your PMS

See For Yourself How Easy ChronicCareIQ Is To Use

Automate Patient Monitoring and start earning more revenue today!

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