Chronic Care IQ


Beginning January 1st 2017 Chronic Care Management reimbursements increased! To find out more about how your practice can take advantage, request a live demonstration of ChronicCareIQ here.

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patients answer simple questions on their phone. The data displays in the provider's dashboard.
  • Increase Net New Revenue Without Outsourcing
  • Automated Compliance for CMS’ Requirements for CPT 99490
  • Improve Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction
  • Reduce Demands on Staff
  • Audit Protection
  • Simple For Patients and High Adoption Rate
  • Patient phone time tracked and logged

ChronicCareIQ enables Physicians to monitor at-risk populations through their smartphones and identify specific negative trending individuals in real time to prevent disease progression, decompensation, hospitalization or re-admission. In addition to tangible benefits to the patient and improved outcomes, practices add significant net new revenue through Medicare payment reforms while automating compliance.

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