ChronicCareIQ Physician Spotlight – Dr. Carl DeMars

Physician Spotlight, Dr. Carl DeMars

Medical Director, Midcoast Medical Group

Physician Spotlight Background:

ChronicCareIQ recognizes physicians in different specialties who have demonstrated excellence in providing the best care to their chronic patients. These physicians have accumulated the highest scored based off a composite of

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Patient Engagement
  • Patient Feedback
  • Patient Outcomes

Video Description:

Dr. Carl DeMars is the medical director for Midcoast Medical Group. He answers questions about their current chronic care management program, the benefits patients have experienced since they started offering the service to them, and how they have used the ccm reimbursements to fund other initiatives for their medical group. Dr. DeMars also speaks to the initial hurdles they experienced during their program implementation, patient success stories, and more.

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