In Healthcare too, What Can’t be Measured, Can’t be Managed

For the fourth year in a row, healthcare proves the adage: what can’t be measured can’t be managed.  This year, 2,592 hospitals will lose $420 Million in revenue on penalties associated with excessive 30 day patient re-admissions.  Approximately 1 in 5 Medicare patients are re-admitted within 30 days of hospital discharge, a staggering statistic Medicare seeks to curb with its penalty programs.

Before placing quick blame though, it’s important to understand that successful extended patient recovery depends on too many variables to predict.  Preventing something you can’t predict is exceedingly difficult.

Quality requires management which requires metrics.  Obtaining metrics from patients has been historically difficult and unreliable.  This new age of the smart phone where a mobile health solution like Discharge IQ obtains patient metrics in under 30 seconds, drives the metrics, which drive the management, which drives the quality.  Successful readmission prevention programs and successful chronic care management programs depend on metrics.  Shoot us an email so we can help you make that happen.