Chronic Care Management – Untapped Revenue, Better Care

Chronic Care Management yields enhanced patient care and greater revenue.  Its official.  Larry said it.

Larry Sobal, Executive Vice President of MedAxiom, and the man that knows all and tells only some about the business behind cardiology, wrote about ChronicCareIQ as a tool for savvy cardiology businesses seeking to improve patient care while simultaneously enhancing revenue.  We’re geeked because he specifically mentioned us by name!  In this post, he analyzes a client with over $4 Million in Net New Revenue from CCM that is being left on the table.

Who is MedAxiom?  They’re the leading cardiac performance company in the nation with over 6,800 physician members representing more than 350 of the largest cardiology businesses and service lines in the country.

ChronicCareIQ – Success with CCM