CCM Reimbursements offset Meaningful Use Penalties

CMS will penalize 171,000 physicians 3% next year for not meeting Meaningful Use.   But instead of taking a hit, some physicians will be leveraging CCM to get a raise.   Chronic Care Management is an under-utilized payment reform introduced in 2015 to improve care and reduce costs of Medicare beneficiaries that have 2 or more chronic diseases.  Due to lack of participation, Medicare reduced compliance requirements and increased reimbursement for 2017.

If you’re one of the 171,000 doctors or practices taking a 3% cut across the board on Medicare reimbursements, take heart.  You can get that money back…. and more.  MUCH MORE through Medicare’s CCM reimbursement.  And, although you must have an EHR, you don’t have to be a meaningful user!  Our automated system makes it so easy to comply with CCM requirements that you and your staff can get paid for the work you’re already performing in your office.  Let us prove it to you.

Medicare states that 68% of its patients are eligible for this reimbursement so if you’re not billing for it, you’re leaving money on the table.  With only 1 extra step to the work your staff is already performing, you can be reimbursed $65 upfront and $42 per eligible patient per month in NET ADDITIONAL REVENUE.  It’s a payment reform and it’s part of the transition we’re going through as our health system migrates away from Fee for Service.  Instead of taking a hit in 2017, you can get a raise.  We’ll show you.

Thanks to David Pittman @David_Pittman for blogging about it because it’s probably not the kind of press that the MU advocates want to see shouted from the rooftops.