Chronic Care Management (CCM) from a Physician Practice Administrator’s Perspective

The initial reaction from practice administrators and staff to Chronic Care Management is usually “Oh no, not another program!  How do we have the resources to add another program?”  It is an understandable reaction.  You just got through EHR implementation, Meaningful Use attestation, ICD-10 conversion…. and now payment reform.  I get it.  I feel your pain.  But practice management was never meant for the faint of heart.  I was the COO of large specialty practices for many years.   And there are two things that have always held true in physician practice management; 1. The healthcare delivery market is in a constant state of flux and 2. Those practices that are vigilant, nimble and creative will always thrive.  This whitepaper will help you learn the best way to construct a CCM program that fits into your clinic workflow and get patients to sign up.

First decide what tools you currently have to comply with the guidelines for the CMS CCM program here.

You will probably struggle with providing the essence of CCM; improving patient engagement, knowing when patients need attention between visits and coordinating patient care.   Find a vendor to help you with that, there is a least one.  (Remember, there is no added value to the patient in just tracking non-face-to-face time.)

Now that leaves the onboarding process.  Let me suggest a pull strategy to getting patients to sign up. Educate all eligible patients about the CMS benefit of CCM.  Provide education material (MU requirement) to your patients during their regularly scheduled visits.   Have your staff and their provider ready to answer questions about CCM and encourage those would benefit the most.  Create a CCM slot in your schedule so there is proper time to do a comprehensive visit and care plan.  Motivated patients will be attracted to the program.  You can encourage the rest as you go.  Remember, a well-executed CCM program satisfies the quadruple aim of healthcare; improved patient reengagement and compliance, improved outcomes, improve patient satisfaction, and improved provider satisfaction.  If you are not up for that… need to reassess your priorities.

We hope you’ll like this white paper and take a look at ChronicCareIQ.  We are CCM for Physician Practice Administrators.

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