Automated Chronic Care for Cardiology Book

How to protect your independence, achieve the best outcomes, and bring new comfort to your patients

  • How to get started using mobile health technology and quickly add up to $100k per year to your bottom line
  • Protecting your independence as a cardiologist
  • How remote patient monitoring supports MACRA
  • The biggest challenges facing cardiologists and how mobile health technology can help overcome them
  • Learn keys to maintaining and strengthening patient relationships

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Meet the Author

Matt Ethington

Matt Ethington is a successful entrepreneur and seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in healthcare and information technology.

In 2000, Matt was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at an unusually late age, spurring him to devote his career to improving medical technology for better outcomes. Matt is the founder and CEO of ChronicCareIQ, the first automated chronic care management solution. Before ChronicCareIQ, he founded and led the award-winning EHR simplifyMD, which managed more than 45 million electronic medical records for doctors on two continents, including the largest hospital in the Southern Hemisphere.

Matt has held sales and executive leadership roles in Healthcare IT and telemedicine firms. He also has served on the Dell OEM Advisory Council as well as the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

Matt is a member of the Atlanta CEO Council, a TEPR award winner and a former faculty member of the Medical Records Institute. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska.

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