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Chronic Care Management

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Earn Medicare reimbursements easily with our remote patient management system

Better outcomes + Bigger reimbursements

Chronic diseases are difficult for providers, patients and practices alike to manage. Medicare now reimburses between $42 and $265 per patient per month and more than 10 CPT codes to help. ChronicCareIQ is a next-gen chronic care management system that empowers your practice to make sense of it all. Proactive remote patient monitoring alerts you to those with disease progression or decompensation. Detailed tracking and robust documentation keep all reimbursement metrics to ensure you deliver not just the best clinical outcomes, but the best financial ones, all while providing incredible ROI.

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Chronic Care IQ Provides…


Patient specific. Pro-active. Dynamic. Your patients get the best care because you’re getting the best information.


Award winning technology actively and reliably engages patients on an on-going basis. You’ll identify disease progression sooner, halt decompenstation & prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.


Safely optimize billing across more than 10 available CPT reimbursements for remote patient monitoring and management.


Proven Results






Patient Retention
at one year

Greater Patient Satisfaction

When patients are sick, they want direct access to their doctor as conveniently as possible. ChronicCareIQ keeps a constant line of communication open, building a strong relationship between the doctor’s office and patient while also creating accountability and soothing the anxiety that chronic illness can bring.

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CCM Revenue Calculator

Make up to $10,000 more each month with CCIQ

Tired of not getting paid for the work you do for your chronic patients? Practices that use ChronicCareIQ can make up to $10,000 more every month PER PROVIDER because CCIQ performs billable tasks AND tracks the billable tasks your staff completes.

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Dr. Spotlight

Providers’ thoughts on CCIQ

Chronic care management is tough. So many complex facets. So much tracking and paperwork. Not to mention, getting your patients to stick with their treatments as you’ve prescribed. Doctors love CCIQ because patients stick with it and achieve better outcomes and care is more streamlined.

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